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Ceramic surface commissions

BR Studio produces tiled ceramic surfaces in collaboration with Anchor Ceramics through a direct commissioning model. The commissioning approach supports the production of a bespoke ceramic surface designed specifically for a particular project. Surfaces are designed and produced with Anchor under the direction of Bruce Rowe.

The commissioning model supports greater expression in the design phase and supports the production of one off, bespoke and project specific solutions. The flexibility of this approach also enables the development of ceramic surfaces that have enhanced spatial, textural or three-dimensional qualities.

Ceramic surface commissions are undertaken in consultation with clients, architects and designers, ideally from the earliest stages of a project. We then work with a project design team as required to design, develop, refine and realise a custom ceramic surface made specifically for the project.

As an initial step please contact the Anchor Ceramics studio directly to discuss your project needs.

+61 (0)413 456 981

Download commissioning process information