Bruce Rowe

Born in 1971, Bruce Rowe lives and works in Melbourne, Australia. He is the founder and Creative Director of Anchor Ceramics and an artist.

Educated in design and architecture, Rowe has previously worked in architectural practices in Western Australia, such as Gary Marinko Architects and Woods Bagot. Relocating to Melbourne in 2006 he worked with Graeme Gunn Architects and Make Architecture.

A long-held aspiration, Rowe established a full-time studio practice in 2015. Rowe’s sculptures, surfaces and commissions are one-off, highly resolved, geometric constructions. The clay bodies and surface finishes offer a gentle colour palette that enriches their tonal depth. The source of the work is inherently connected to Rowe’s material and spatial experiences.

Having worked for most of his professional life as an architect and as an educator in architecture (The University of Western Australia and RMIT) Rowe has a deep and ongoing connection to the built environment. Sculpture and architecture hold close connections as enduring human art forms. Both disciplines involve the body, materiality, light, scale, form and space.

Rowe’s process is intuitive, contemplative and rhythmic. A dialogue with clay, his sculptures radiate structural skill and presence. Each work also involves thoughtful planning and technical execution in its construction and realisation.

The articulation of space is a constant calling through Rowe’s works. Light is carefully considered as to how it will interact with matter and surface. Space is a significant influence; concerns around both the space in which the work is made and the space of display once the works are complete are explored deeply.

The works are created and subsequently materialise in the studio which is an environment that critically supports the imagining and development of the works. Drawing and material studies are central to Rowe’s current sculptural practice. Undertaken using a variety of tools and technologies, drawing represents a way of thinking and seeing.

Portrait photo: Tatjana Plitt

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