The Structures 2015-2016 exhibition is drawn from a broad body of work by Rowe that explores the structural, expressive, alchemical and chemical qualities of clay.

The initial studies informing this body of work were generated from a series of experiments with left over clay slabs. The works in the exhibition maintain this open-ness to the freedom of the creative process. 

Clay is rolled flat into thick slabs, and cut by hand into a series of abstract forms without planning or repetition; each sculpture is a unique object and a reflection of a moment in time. The surface glaze treatments have been developed by Rowe to enhance the tonal dialogue with the form; shadow and light are important concerns. The work is positioned interdependently between the creative disciplines of art, architecture and ceramics.

Structures 2015-2016 was exhibited with Hub Furniture in Sydney and Melbourne in 2016

Photography: Lisa Cohen Photography